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About Me

Hi! I am 35 years old. I am happily married, with 3 children. I enjoy hunting, fishing, journaling, and getting back into web design. I am very much into all things Harry Potter,Lord of The Rings,Antique Tractor Pulling. I am very much still in LOVE with my wife Rose! We have been married for 14 years, and falling for her more each day. Like all marrages we have our faults but constantly love each other through it all!


About My Site!

This site is for me to work on web design. Also to share things I make and Learn. Maybe even HELP others. I have been very much enjoying it. I am using the stylsheet from Loveblush. She has some beautiful work. The tutorials I Have used was from Her. They are very easy to use. There is a group of PEOPLE from a group I would like to thanks for there help also. Including My wife. She has also been a very BIG HELP in the making of this site.

Things I want to do

I am wanting to use this site to promote my FACEBOOK GROUPS. See my facebook tab on this. I also want to learn more on graphics and the diffrent styles I can do them in.... This seems fun. Gathering others and meeting New PEOPLE. The siteworld community is smaller than it once was.I remember a time when all we had was Yahoo.com. They had Geosites this was an HTML ONLY. It was fun NOT!!!!